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July 04, 2023 : Hindu Published the article of Excellence Awards for “Best Poor Women Entrepreneurs” in (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh States)A special invitor Netherland Ambassador has delegated the awards
May 21-24, 2023 : South Africa's Agri Minister lauds ICNW's Nandini Azad for empowering women farmers (Agriculturepost.com)
May 21-24, 2023 : South Africa’s Minister lauds ICNW’s Azad for empowering women (Indiancooperative.com)
March 21, 2023 : Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Agriculture post article)
March 21, 2023 : Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(WFO website article)
March 21, 2023 : Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(IRU Board Twitter page)
March 21, 2023 : Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Chennai Glitz - the Hindu award)
March 21, 2023 : Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Dinathodar Tamil News paper published today)
March 18, 2023 : Women farmers feel incredibly biased in all systems, says World Farmers' Organisation (Agricultuepost.com)
March 17, 2023 : 'Cooperatives can help in transforming the lives of poor and vulnerable women' (The Hindu)
February 12, 2023 : Not just the house; Raise the country..! (Dinamani News Article)
February 12, 2023 : UN Side Event: Jaya remembered on her 91st anniversary (Indiancooperative.com)
February 10, 2023 : ‘Role of women crucial to combating inequalities to ensure country’s growth’ (The Hindu)
February 8, 2023 : ICNW celebrates Jaya’s B’Day on 61st session of UN Commission Virtual event to have speakers from across the globe (Indiancooperative.com) Curtain raiser.
November 18, 2022 : UNFCCC COP 27 Egypt: Nandini shares Indian experiences (Indiancooperative.com)
November 17, 2022 : Need for gender-based financing to fight climate change stressed (The Hindu)
November 16, 2022 : ICNW President presents at COP 27, (The New Indian Express)
October 11, 2022 : IRU: Nandini on how women entrepreneurs are created thru’ co-ops Nandini gives live examples of successful women entrepreneurs (Indiancooperative.com)
September 20, 2022 : ICNW brings poor women on high table of IRU; leading dailies applaud IRU extends thanks to ICNW and WWF for the event (Indiancooperative.com)
September 13, 2022 : WWF-ICNW: Helping women climb ladders of courage WWF-ICNW has announced The International Network for Women in Cooperatives with 1,000 members convened to advocate awareness of gender in cooperatives (The New Indian Express)(The Hindu)
September 8, 2022 : ‘Loan repayment by women members of cooperative at 90%’ (The Hindu)
July 21, 2022 : Working Women’s Forum highlights to ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) HLS (High Level Segment) Session 2022 on resilience of cooperatives during pandemic, The Hindu
July 19, 2022 : Lauding MSCS amendment bill, Nandini seeks board seats for women, Indiancooperative.com
June 7 – 10, 2022 : A latest tweet on Dr. Nandini Azad by World Farmers Organization at General Assembly 2022 held in Budapest
May 21, 2022 : Dr. Nandini invited to CARICOM Expo; stresses on skilling women workforce, Indiancooperative.com
March 27, 2022 : Nandini announces International Network for Women of 1,000 members, Indiancooperative.com
March 22, 2022 : International Network for Women in Cooperatives to be formed, The Hindu
March 9, 2022 : Cooperating in adversity, The New Indian Express
March 6, 2022 : DD Conclave: Nandini calls for gender budgeting DD debate on budget FM as one of the participants, Indiancooperative.com
February 28, 2022 : Nandini to participate in DD debate on budget, Indiancooperative.com
February 24, 2022 : A continuum in a co-operative, The New Indian Express
February 15, 2022 : Nandini pays tributes to Jaya Arunachalam at UN event, Indiancooperative.com
February 12, 2022 : More women lost jobs in the pandemic in India, compared to men, says expert, The Hindu
February 11, 2022 : Nandini to address UN event on co-ops, Indiancooperative.com
January 12, 2022 : Niti Aayog: Nandini stresses on social & financial strategies to fight virus, Indiancooperative.com
December 2021 : IRU expressed solidarity with flood-affected women of South India, Nandini thanks IRU President
December 2021 : Nandini speaks in UN Assembly; says poverty behind women trafficking
November 2021 : World Farmers Organization appoints Nandini as Global Facilitator
November 2021 : Dr.Azad new facilitator Cooperative Working Group at World Farmers Organization
October 2021 : Farmer’s solutions to climate crisis: Asian stories from the field.
October 2021 : Nandini addresses WTO’s seminar, bats for women farmers. WTO’s assistance in capacity building useful for India: Dr Azad
September 2021 : National Webinar on a Roadmap for establishing Gender focal point centre in NCCT
July 2021 : National Webinar on Inclusive and Sustainable Post Pandemic Recovery of Agricultural Cooperative in India by NCCT
July 2021 : Co-op Day: India painted in co-op colour; leaders acknowledge its role NCUI, NCCT, celebrate the day.
July 2021 : Nandini does India proud; get invited to WFO Gen Assembly. ICNW to launch media campaign for women farmer advocates.
April 2021 : Niti Aayog meet: Nandini led ICNW figures in list of Niti Aayog.
March 2021 : UNCSW65 The Indian Express News Article
March 2021 : UNCSW65 The Hindu News Paper Article
March 2021 : WWF-ICNW in limelight: Nandini does India proud by grabbing UN attention
March 2021 : Strengthening Co-ops: Nandini in IRU Board meeting.
February 2021 : Covid Heroines. The New Indian Express (National News Paper Article).
February 2021 : Covid Heroines. The Hindu (National News Paper Article).
February 2021 : JA Award: Winners narrate how Jaya’s idea changed their lives. WWF honours 9 women entrepreneurs from Southern India.
October 2020 : Nandini upbeat on HC decision favouring Home for Girls
September 2020 : ICA-AP Women Committee discusses impact of corona on co-op business
September 2020 : WWF / ICNW - Digital Literacy Training.
August 2020 : ICA AP Women Committee meets, moots digital training.
July 2020 : Global Seminar: Nandini shares Indian experience of tackling Covid 19.
May 2020 : Nandini at WHO & Niti Aayog meets; calls women frontline warriors.
March 2020 : Nandini calls UN report on gender equality disappointing Nandini gets Life Time Achievement Award; has a film made on her.
March 2020 : Women’s economic empowerment a long-term solution to combating gender violence’. (The Hindu).
March 2020 : Leaders pay tributes to women co-operators on their Day! India is home to formidable woman co-operators.
March 2020 : Co-ops can help reduce socio-economic injustices faced by women!
February 2020 : Economic empowerment of women will boost growth (The Hindu),
February 2020 : Remembering Jaya: Telangana Governor gives away Excellence Awards 88th Birth Anniversary of legendary co-operator observed.
January 2020 : Nandini meets Governor & briefs her on robust co-op movement in South.
October 2019 : WWF follows Gandhi's idea of woman empowerment: Azad
October 2019 : Feminism in the 21st century- What does it mean for women cooperators
August 2019 : Patriarchal mindset must go for growth of women co-operators-Azad
July 2019 : Tributes paid to renowned social worker
June 2019 : Sad Demise of our founder Dr.Jaya Arunachalam on 29-06-2019
June 2019 : World Farmers Organization-Nandini stresses Gender Equality
April 2019 : UN-Nandini in Town Hall meeting in New York
February 2019 : NCDC rewards promising co-ops in Tamil Nadu
February 2019 : Nandini Azad elected as Vice-Chairperson of Global Gender Equality Committee
December 2018 : Dr. Nandini Azad elected to the Chair of ICA-AP Women’s Committee
December 2018 : ICA-AP Women Committee Nandini wins election with massive mandate
November 2018 : Status of Women in Cooperatives
October 2018 : Magalirmani Tamil Newpaper
October 2018 : The Hindu Newspaper about IRU
October 2018 : Celebrating Victory
October 2018 : Nandini brings laurels to desi co-op movement
September 2018 : Nandini Azad elected to IRU board (The Hindu)
September 2018 : Nandini Azad elected to IRU (Dinamalar)
September 2018 : News Letter
September 2018 : First Woman in 50 years in International Raiffeisen Union (The Oldest Global Cooperative Union)
August 2018 : Strengthening Women's Cooperatives
June 2018 : ICNW and WWF in the vanguard of transformation of women’s lives
April 2018 : WWF-ICNW celebrates 40th Anniversaries
April 2018 : 40th Anniversary Thina thanthi and Dinamalar (News in English)
April 2018 : Celebrating 40 years of ICNW
January 2018 : Greeting India’s German friend on his 85th Geburtstag
November 2017 : NewsLetter
May 2017 : Gender is more than a statistic